The Ultimate Technology Seminar

The Ultimate Technology Seminar for Executives (TUTSE ™)

As our best-selling seminar, TUTSE ™ gets booked months in advance to deliver money saving strategies based on real-world success stories.  On average, attendees save $500 K annually just by implementing tried and tested, real-world tips. In addition, breaches are averted even before they occur, based on the real world successes highlighted in the seminar.

Now Available in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin (Check Calendar)

Top 10 Cyber Security Risks, Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Strategies – 2017

  • How do hackers get around SSL and encrypted channels? How do they gain access to individual corporate PCs – including those behind multiple layers of defense?
  • Are your load balancers, proxy servers, AD Servers and other infrastructure servers secure?
  • Intrusion Prevention, OWASP Top 10, Social Engineering Attacks , Cross Site Scripting , CSRF, Request Forgery, SQL Injection
  • Best Practices to Secure your Applications in the Cloud, On-Premises
  • Available in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas (check Calendar)

Top 10 Cloud Readiness Questions to ask – 2017

  • Top 10 questions to answer before moving your apps to the cloud and before picking a cloud solution.
  • Elastic Computing, IaaS, Paas, Microservices – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  • Disaster Recovery, High Availability and Failover in the cloud.
  • AWS versus Azure versus Google – Performance, Scalability, DR, IAM, On-Premises Integration, Security, Privacy, Encryption and more…
  • Case Studies – Netflix, Federal and State Agencies in the Cloud 
  • Available in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas (check Calendar)

Top 10 use cases for BigData, NoSQL, Map Reduce and Big Data Analytics – 2017

  • The NoSQL Revolution, Normalization, DeNormalization and Consequences.
  • Clustering, Key Value Data, Document Data, Graph Data
  • The MapReduce Paradigm, Parallel Computation, the BigData Revolution
  • Extracting Intelligence from Data using R 
  • AWS (Redshift) and Azure DW based Data Analytics
  • Available in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas (check Calendar)

Top 10 changes in Application Architecture – 2017  (Not available on all seminar tracks)

  • Model View Controller, Event-Driven Programming, AJAX, HTML5, Node.js patterns
  • Publish Subscribe, Request Response, Façade, Proxy, Broker, ESB 
  • SOA  and n-Tier Applications, Performance Metrics, Tuning and Optimization  
  • Mobile App Design – Lessons Learnt, Building cross platform mobile apps
  • Available in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas (check Calendar)

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CxO Confidant and Trusted Tech Advisor

  • Anuj continues to build long-term  relationships with CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and other CxOs.
  • Anuj has helped CxOs save thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars as a result of ignoring the hype and evaluating each tech offering on it's merits. 
  • Separating hype from reality is what culminated in 'The Ultimate Technology Seminar for Executives (TUTSE ™)