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The Ultimate Technology Seminar for Recruiters and Recruiting Companies (TUTS ™)

Technology Explained In Plain English – The only tech training designed and geared towards recruiting companies

Tech Industry Recruiters often face a challenge with the rapid pace at which technology changes. It is hard enough for actual tech professionals to keep up – recruiters have an even harder time.  In a single, action-packed day, Anuj guides you through the treacherous and evolving landscape of today’s technology. Call today to learn more or to schedule a customized, one-on-one seminar, including, but not limited to:

Software Engineering Concepts and Platforms – Technology for Recruiters, 1-1 or group training

  • Computer Programming – Object Oriented versus Procedural, J2EE, .NET, LAMP, Microservices – Technology Seminar for Recruiters
  • Data – Relational Databases, Developers versus DBAs, NoSQL versus SQL, Oracle versus SQL Server, Performance Tuning
  • Application Architecture – Concepts, Modeling, Patterns, Middleware, Integration Platforms – BizTalk, Tibco, Rhapsody
    • Model View Controller, Angular JS, Node.js, Event-Driven Programming 
    • Publish Subscribe, Request Response, Façade, Proxy, Broker
    • SOA  and n-Tier Applications, Performance Metrics, Tuning and Optimization  
  • SDLC – Traditional Development Lifecycle, Agile and Waterfall Development Lifecycles, Business Process Modeling, Design

Traditional Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture – Technology for Recruiters, 1-1 seminar or group training

  • Active Directory, Forests/Trees, Network Appliances, Storage Area Networks, Firewalls, Proxies, more..  
  • Asset Management, Centralized Assets Master DataBase (CMDB), ITIL, Software License Tracking, Application Consolidation
  • Traditional n-Tier applications, performance/security of each tier,  Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, more…

Security – Application and Network Vulnerabilities  – Technology for Recruiters (also, see our Information Security Primer Seminar)

  • Intrusion Prevention, Common Attacks, Social Engineering Attacks
  • Cross Site Scripting , Request Forgery, SQL Injection
  • Best Practices to Secure your Applications in the Cloud, On-Premises

Emerging Technologies for Recruiters (also, see our Cloud Computing for Executives Seminar)

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – Current and upcoming offerings
  • Analytics in the Cloud, Computation in the Cloud, Infrastructure Programming
  • AWS versus Azure versus Google Cloud – Performance, Scalability, MicroServices, VPCs and more…
  • Case Studies – Netflix, Federal and State Agencies in the Cloud

Call today to learn more or to schedule a customized, one-on-one or group seminar focused on technology for recruiters.

CxO Confidant and Trusted Tech Advisor

  • Anuj continues to build long-term  relationships with CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and other CxOs.
  • Anuj has helped CxOs save thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars as a result of ignoring the hype and evaluating each tech offering on it's merits. 
  • Separating hype from reality is what culminated in 'The Ultimate Technology Seminar for Executives (TUTSE ™)