Math and Scientific Seminars

Turning Data into Intelligence

How do you build complex mathematical models to prove your hypothesis? Sure, your databases have captured a ton of data, but how do you get some intelligence out of all that data? Anuj has been answering that question for companies for two decades now. Using Matlab, Mathematica, SAS and other leading software, Anuj has helped companies with their toughest mathematical and scientific computing challenges.

Scientific and Math Modeling Seminars

Anuj helps companies build mathematical models for both, product design as well as predictive analysis (population models etc.).   Anuj continues to work on Monte Carlo Simulations, Numerical Modeling and Discrete Math problems using industry standard tools such as Matlab and Mathematica.

Anuj Varma
CxO Technology Confidant, Cloud and Security Strategy Specialist
ANUJ Technologies - Simplifying Cloud and Application Architecture

Long Term Relationships

  • Anuj continues to build long-term  relationships with CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and other CxOs.
  • Anuj has helped CxOs save thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars as a result of remediating and modernizing their portfolio using cutting-edge, emerging technologies.