App Integration in 2017

Modern Day Application Patterns

  • MVC, MVVM and variants
  • Domain Driven Design, Code First Approach
  • Thick Client, Thin Server – Single Page Applications
  • Single Backend, Multiple Devices – Patterns for supporting multiple devices

SOA and EAI in 2017

  • Is SOAP Obsolete? The universality of RESTFul APIs
  • WS-SOAP Extensions, Security, Transactionality
  • EAI Leaders – BizTalk, WebMethods, IBM
  • SOA Patterns and Practices in a Cloud Context

Microservices and Serverless Computing in 2017

  • Eliminating multiple backends, Advent of the Single, Serverless backend
  • Microservices – on AWS and Azure. Session Storage, Caching, Messaging. Queuing Services, Memcached and more..

Enterprise Service Bus, Messaging Brokers in 2017

Deep Dive into SOA and ESBs, Industry Proven Tips

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