Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud Readiness Assessment

  • Discovery, Assessment & Dependency Mapping for assets, Applications and infrastructure portfolio analysis
  • Discovery and Cloud Readiness Assessment of  COTS, SaaS and Custom Applications
  • Application dependency mapping and integration points for all applications
  • Application disposition roadmap for all applications – RETIRE, REMEDIATE, REPLACE, LEAVE-ALONE
  • Recommendations for target cloud platform mapping (Public, Private, and Hybrid) for all application or application groups.
  • Financial analysis showing future TCO and ROI.
  • Cloud Maturity/Readiness Assessment, including Heat Maps generated from CMDB.

Deep Dive into AWS , Leveraging the best AWS tips and techniques

  • Cloud Computing Basics – Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds
  • Networking Basics – Regions, AZs, VPCs, Subnets, Security Groups, ACLs, On-Demand versus Reserved versus Dedicated Instances
  • Advanced Networking in AWS – VPNs, Connecting to Data Center, Connecting to the internet, Routing, Route Tables, DNS
  • Serverless Computing – AWS Lambda, Single Backend Architecture
  • Infrastructure as Code, The Devops lifecycle in AWS
  • Application Disaster Recovery and High Availability – Disaster Recovery , High Availability and Failover in AWS
  • AWS Microservices – Amazon Queuing Service, Notification Service, ElastiCache (REDIS, Memcached), ELBs and more…
  • AWS Data and Machine Learning Platforms – Redshift, DynamoDB (NoSQL), Aurora, AWS Machine Learning, RDS

Deep Dive into Azure, Industry Proven Azure Tips

  • IAM in the Cloud, Azure AD Connect, Azure and the AD advantage
  • Azure Microservices though Azure App Fabric, Service Fabric
  • Containerization, Docker  Strategies
  • Serverless Computing – Azure Functions, Single Backend Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as Code, Powershell, Devops Cycle in Azure
  • Disaster Recovery , High Availability , and Failover in Azure . Come learn the new way to do Disaster Recovery and to provide 24-7 uptime for your mission critical applications.
  • Azure Data and Machine Learning Platforms – Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Cortana, Azure Machine Learning, SQL Azure, Azure Cosmos (NoSQL) DB

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