Cloud Computing For Executives

AWS Infrastructure, Moving to AWS

  According to a Gartner report, not adopting the cloud in the next 5 years, will serve as a death sentence for most applications. We have seen it happen before – with mainframe apps going out of existence with the arrival of object oriented technologies and languages.  We know AWS, we also know legacy systems and have been successful in remediating and migrating COBOL-based and other legacy platforms to the cloud. Come learn from us how we used innovative, out of the box ideas to decide what to move up to the cloud and what to leave on-premises!

Azure Infrastructure, Moving to Azure

Microsoft’s Azure, at one point in time, lagged so far behind AWS, that not many companies looked at it with any degree of seriousness.  All that has changed!  With recent advances – including Microsoft Cortana, Massively Parallel Processing in the Cloud, Microsoft has taken on both AWS and Oracle – all in one encompassing suite of data-centric products. Come learn from people actually involved with the hands-on day-to-day tasks of moving data to and from Azure to Azure SQL Data warehouse and other repositories.

High Availability, Failover Strategy and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Traditional Failover and DR models are being challenged by cloud offerings – which include Multi-Availability zones, near real-time replicas of not just databases, but entire VMs, auto-failover, auto-recovery, auto-scaling and more. Need we say more? Come learn the new way to do Disaster Recovery and to provide 24-7 uptime for your mission critical applications.

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