Data Analytics Strategy

Data Analytics Strategy for the Corporate has a track record for Advanced Data Science projects including Proofs-of-Concepts on Google (BigQuery), AWS (Redshift, EMR) and Azure.

Data Mining, Predictive Data Analysis, BigData

  • Basic Statistics for big data – What basic statistics are needed for Bigdata?
  • Programming for big data, concentrating on R programming
  • Cloud Computing and Machine learning: Azure Machine Learning R platform Support, AWS R Platform Support,  Google BigQuery and Hadoop
  • Cloudera Quickstart VM,  MapReduce Simple and Complex Scenarios
  • Analytics in the Cloud, Computation in the Cloud
  • Advanced Hadoop, NoSQL, Clustering Use Cases
  • Case Studies – BigData Case Studies, Netflix, CERN, Federal and State Agencies doing BigData in the Cloud

Traditional Enterprise Data Infrastructure

  • Master Data Management, Data Warehouses – Architecture – Patterns and Best Practices
  • Asset Management, Centralized Assets Master DataBase (CMDB), ITIL, Software License Tracking, Application Consolidation

Relational and Non-Relational Data Strategies – NoSQL Strategies

  • Normalization and DeNormalization Use Cases,  Low Latency Systems Design
  • Combining relational with non-relational data, Maintaining data relationships in a non-relational world
  • NoSQL Design, Best Practices, Common Uses, Success Stories

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