Corporate Cloud Strategy

Cloud Adoption Strategy, Readiness Assessment, Choosing between AWS, Azure and GCP

  • Google Cloud, AWS, Azure – Picking the best solution
  • Networking, Security and Database as a Service Considerations
  • Identity and Access Management – On-Premises AD Integration, AD DS, ADFS, AWS Directory Services, Google Directory Services
  • Cloud Readiness Strategy, Lower costs of application remediation, cloud migration and containerization.
  • Legacy Apps – Containerization Strategies

Cloud Security Strategy – 3-Tier, 2-Tier, Data at Rest, Data In Transit

  • Cloud Security is more than just creating a Virtual Private Cloud and providing network segmentation.
  • Learn the tricks of encrypting data at rest and in-transit in the cloud.
  • Securely Access Cloud Resources using Bastion Hosts and Workspaces.
  • Learn how to minimize the attack surface for your public facing apps hosted in the cloud.
  • Which WAF is ideal for you? What is ModSecurity? Sophos? Imperva?

Advanced Cloud Topics

  • Highly Available Applications in the Cloud, Failover and D.R. options in the cloud
  • Serverless Backends, Microservices, Application Devops, Infrastructure Devops –
    • Provisioning
    • Configuration
    • Orchestration
    • Deployment
  • BigData, Data Mining and ML in the Cloud – Google BigQuery, Apache Hadoop, Azure Machine Learning, AWS EMR
  • Advanced Networking and Security Considerations – Cryptographic Identifiers, In-Transit Encryption, VPCs, Subnets, Security Groups, Firewalls, WAFs, Proxies…

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