App Consolidation Strategy

How do you migrate to a modern platform without leaving any functionality—or customers—behind?

Anuj has helped companies:

  • Create an overall consolidation strategy for your firm, accounting for all your I.T. assets – including your legacy applications.
  • Include a security strategy, including network and application security, to ensure complete protection of data and systems on each app tier.
Anuj Varma
Cloud and Security Strategy Specialist, App Consolidation, Application/Cloud Architect
ANUJ Technologies - Simplifying Cloud and Application Architecture

Long Term Relationships

  • Anuj continues to build long-term  relationships with CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and other CxOs.
  • Anuj has helped CxOs save thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars as a result of remediating and modernizing their portfolio using cutting-edge, emerging technologies.