Case Study: DELL Battery Recall

Case Study: DELL Battery Recall

The Mission

• DELL operates in over 40 countries, on every major continent. Across geographies, they had notebook computers with batteries in need of replacement—within a tight timeline of three months. The web application would not only have to support 8 different languages—it would have to additionally support the various dialects within each language. (Canadian French and European French are not identical.)

• There were over a million affected laptop batteries on the line. Their serial numbers would have to be verified—and across disparate databases. With this kind of anticipated web traffic, the solution would have to work elegantly and efficiently, and with as few database hits as possible.

• The number of places where additional notebook computers might be identified was virtually limitless. To be adequately equipped and robust, the application would have to be flexible enough to support new languages discovered after deployment.

• DELL needed a solution, and they needed it ASAP. They found their answer in ANUJ Technologies.

The Solution

ANUJ.COM (dba AdverSite Web Holdings, Inc.) designed and implemented:
• Dataset caches to lock and load serial numbers into memory, cutting down on database roundtrips.
• Server farms capable of handling persistent sessions between different servers.
• A flexible design able to integrate additional languages even after deployment—without any code changes.
• A fully automated build-process to provide Dell with a perpetual, ready-to-release web application.

The Result

ANUJ.COM launched:
A highly successful .NET application with unmatched user-friendliness and speed, that tackled up to 100,000 hits hourly, up to 2000 simultaneous user sessions—and ultimately served over a million DELL customers across the globe.

CxO Confidant and Trusted Tech Advisor

  • Anuj continues to build long-term  relationships with CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and other CxOs.
  • Anuj has helped CxOs save thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars as a result of ignoring the hype and evaluating each tech offering on it's merits. 
  • Separating hype from reality is what culminated in 'The Ultimate Technology Seminar for Executives (TUTSE ™)